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young professional Resume Written — $169.95
young professional Resume And Cover Letter Package — $239.95
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24 Hour Rush— $75.00
10 Hard Copies Priority Mailed— $20.00
Resume On CD, Priority Mail Delivery (U.S. Clients Only) $25.00


New! Let us also write your linked in profile for you — $90.00


Let us distribute your resume to 1,000's of recruiters instantly! — $75.00
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Why Do We Ask For Your Payment Info First?

Because our turnaround time is 72 hours, and the writers will get started right away in order to meet this deadline. Before the writers invest 3 days of work into your resume, they need to know they'll get paid when they're done!

This is only a pre-authorization to make sure your credit card has enough funds to cover the transaction. Payment is not remitted to the writers until they deliver your draft.